2016 January

Book Signing 2015 Pennsylvania!

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I can check off my bucket list having a book signing at the Morvarian Book Shop in Bethlehem, PA. My book signing occured on November 28th. Bethlehem, PA is also called “Christmas City”. It was an amazing day, talking to great holiday shoppers, a couple of my best friends showed up to support me, and the book store is a “must go” for book lovers.  Opened in 1745, it is the longest operating bookstore in the United States. The staff at the bookstore was amazing!  Thank you for everything and for inviting me back in 2016!


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Book Signings Children!

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Over the holidays I did what I love to do most, sign books for children! I feel like a traveling book Santa at times because I have copies of the book with me most of the time and I run into families who heard I wrote Every Ornament and want a signed copy.  I don’t get as many pictures signing for children as I’d like but these two pictures show two children who were very happy to get the book. Look at the smile on her face! I love it! The children are a huge reason why I wrote the book!

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Book Signing in 2015! Georgia!

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I had a book signing on November 23rd in Sugar Hill, GA at the incredibly positive health store Juices Wild  where many parents bring their children to be introduced to a healthy lifestyle of organic food. I met many parents and children and was fortunate to sell many books to a great group of people. Thank you Juices Wild!


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